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Web Design

website design

Having a website is one thing, but making sure your page is search optimized, consistent, mobile compatible, and easy to edit is a whole different ball game. With the tools available these days, I am able to provide a holistic approach to web design that includes each of these aspects.

I am a certified Wix Expert and use the Wix design platform to design websites. Every site I  design optimized for mobile, which is extremely important for google's algorithms these days, plus - who uses a computer anymore? Wix also has excellent SEO tools to help get your site found when someone is searching for it.


Once a website is designed, it is easy to maintain and make additions or changes.

services I offer and what they mean


The initial "website design" service includes;

  • Design of look and feel

  • Design of site map and navigation

  • Building the site out

  • SEO optimization (so you can get found on google)


Your website has to have text on it, if you don't want to create it, I am happy to do this. It may include;

  • Headlines

  • Sub headlines

  • Body copy


The brand of your company will be used far beyond your website (think business cards, letterhead, shirts, chachkis, etc).  A brand will include;

  • Defining your company values, and how you want to be represented

  • Color palette, fonts, etc

  • Logo design

website design services

website design services

who can maintain the site after its designed


Those who are tech savvy and want to be able to make their own updates and changes to the website can take over after it is designed. I am happy to provide training on using the  platform.


Those who are not as tech savvy or simply don't want to manage their own website can leave it to me. I would be happy to maintain your website and make changes as they come along. This includes continual SEO updates and changes.


If you want to hand off changes when you don't have time for it, we can work out an agreement on who will manage what and when. We just want to make sure nothing falls between the cracks. So with this option, we just want to make sure both of our roles are defined.

website maintenance

website maitenance
Printing Service

print design and production

While digital is the way of the present and the future, print will always be around. Print design and production are potentially becoming a lost art. Knowing how to design for a specific magazine, periodical, flyer or other media is important. Knowing how to optimize/create proper bleeds and output files for each media is even more important.

I have been working in print design and production since the early days of the Adobe Creative Suite, nearly 15 years ago. Whether you need a one off advertisement or a full blown branded kit of materials, I can help.

Colorful Abstract

about aimee

I'm Aimee Morris, wife, momma and designer, based in the Kansas City area. My career started in 2010 after graduating with my Associate's in Graphic Design and Bachelor's in Business Administration. Early on, my focus was traditional media, but from 2013 to 2017, I was with an enterprise marketing software. As a Senior Sales Engineer, I was able to gain significant experience in digital marketing and design solutions. At this company, I was able to work with fortune 100 companies to design web solutions for their specific digital marketing needs.

Since our baby Grady Ralph joined our family in June 2017, the Lord has blessed my husband, Aaron and I, with the opportunity for me to work from home while raising our family. I haven't looked back since! Samantha was born in March 2019 and John in April 2022. We are so grateful for this season, for all my clients and that the Lord has given me this time with our family. I'm glad to get a chance to work closely with individuals to get their local businesses or personal sites up and running so they can continue to experience growth.

about aimee
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